About us

Royale Auctioneers is a one of a kind auction house and we are specialized in auctioning the Chinese Works of Arts. We are not just a regular auction house providing a typical buying and selling service. Instead, we render our unique specialty in auctioning all the consignments authenticated by prominent ISO certified laboratories. Royale Auctioneers is very likely the first and the only auction house to provide the scientific authenticity by ISO certified labs.

Non-destructive testing methods to prove the real age, materials and the authenticity of the ceramics by these labs are the most trustable safest methods in the industry since uncountable tests have been done in the laboratory on genuine ceramics pieces of different dynasties and provenances. The data and information collected have already been established as a valuable database for dating references. The advanced testing method collects data from overall surface of the object, is non-invasive, non-destructive and is suitable for objects presented in various forms.

Chinese Ceramics artefacts undoubtedly ranks the top popularity among general collectors’ items. This attributes to their scarcity and the sky high values. However, these also lead to emerge of uncountable high quality counterfeits of ancient Chinese ceramics in the past few decades. The forgery quality is high enough to deceive even the reputable appraisers’ naked eyes.

Thus, Royale Auctioneers is your best partner because we reveal a brand new chapter in the auction history and we are here to protect our stakeholders’ interests and speak on behalf of the genuine Chinese ceramics by providing the scientific authenticity.